Who We Are We’ve been writer friends for a few years now and we have very similar opinions regarding the books we read, both published and unpublished. We’ve worked well together on numerous writing projects in the past and look forward to bringing our teamwork and work ethic into a relationship with a mentee. To … Continue reading #TEAMVENOM PITCH WARS 2018 WISHLIST

#PitchWars 2017 – Pimp My Bio

Oh boy.  I've done it.  I've officially decided to enter Pitch Wars, which then made me decide to create a blog, which then made me decide to perform the pimpage of the bio.  Breathe.  We will get through this together. (I have no professional headshots, so here is an amazing Snapchat filtered version of myself.) … Continue reading #PitchWars 2017 – Pimp My Bio