I am a Pitch Wars Mentee!

I still feel like I am in the beginning of my favorite Queen song.

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

giphy (2)

In all seriousness, someone pinch me (but not too hard), because I must be dreaming. Not only did I get chosen for Pitch Wars, but I am also lucky enough to have snagged a dream team!

Agent or not.
Publication or not.
I am so incredibly grateful to be given this opportunity to not only improve my book, but also my writing abilities. I intend to work my ass off and push myself further than ever, but I did not get here on my own. 
I have a few people that I want to thank.

Rebecca Sky and Stacey Trombley, I cannot thank you enough for believing in my book. After years of entering contests and years of coming close to winning, but not close enough, this means that much more to me. Thank you for spending your time on little ole me.

Francesca Grandillo, Einat Segal, and Tara (TK) Yeager have been my biggest supporters and motivators.  Without your encouragement and your advice, I’m not sure I would have had the faith in myself to enter Pitch Wars.  Your endless support means the world to me and you deserve ALL of the cookies.

Thank you to Brenda Drake, Heather Cashman, and all of those behind the scenes of Pitch Wars.  The amount of time and effort you put in to this contest is amazing. You and your team are selfless, inspiring, and a blessing in the writing community.

ALL of you kick ass.

So, what now?

I will be attempting to blog about this journey–my struggles, my triumphs, and everything between.  Attempting is the key word here, because my edits, school, and teaching come first. Well, and time with my family of course, but they’re always number one.

To start off, my mentors sent me the most amazing edit letter ever. My strengths and weaknesses became more prevalent to me than ever before, their ideas for new scenes are off-the-charts, and the letter is so organized that breathing became easy again.

After reading their letter, the first thing I did was completely restructure the chapter outline.  New chapters and scene ideas were added, previous chapters were moved around and restructured, and I cannot tell you how satisfied I am already. I feel like I know my characters and story more and I haven’t even started REALLY editing/rewriting/writing/throwing my coffee mug at the wall in frustration.

I’m confident in Team Gingersnaps and what we are going to accomplish these next few months.  Having experienced authors help guide me into making my book better than ever is truly a blessing.

So, come with me on this journey.  You’re in charge of bringing snacks.

Published by Kimberly Vale

Kimberly Vale is a reader, a bit of a hopeless romantic, and started writing on Wattpad as a teen. Since then, she has accumulated millions of reads online and volunteered her time to mentorship programs and other community efforts. With a BA in Education, she teaches remediation and dyslexia intervention in public schools and lives in Arkansas with her husband, two children, and two dogs. She also enjoys playing video games, trying new recipes, and coming up with ridiculous theories about her current tv obsessions.

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